The Brasilian Connection (Full Version)

from by Wut Metaphysical

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(feat. Emcee Noiz) Originally published as a joint project on Wut Metaphysical's Album "Last of the Metaphysical Poets" and Emcee Noiz' album "The Dead Republic LP"


Godfather: My sons, Emcee Noiz and Wut Metaphysical,
Wut and Noiz: Yes Godfather
Godfather: Many men died in Brasil. Now that the war is over and there is once again peace in the family, it is time to tell the story of the Brasilian connection.

Wut Verse1: Sabado en a churrascaria/ Que hora son?/ Medeo dia/ Me, Dirt, Theatre at the scene/ sippin Guarana like two or three liter/ Cell rings and I took it
Noiz: Yo its Noiz and some Hota lookin crooked
Wut: We on our way / Where you at?/ We comin soon
Noiz: Im at the Metro Lina Azul

Wut: We ducked out/ tossed some reals on the able/ Hope Noiz dont get jacked like free cable/ to the subway the crew ran/ I was nervous cause I never killed a man/ Dez minutos we roll on the scene/ We were four/ They were thirteen/ They never seen us coming from the back/ Heed the warning as the Locusts attack

Noiz Verse1: Too many bonitas- gatas on the subway/ Liberdade/ Hotas all around me/ This could be my last stand/ understand/ these Brazilian cops are corrupt/ they gonna take my life man/ Here come Wut and Dirt from behind/ with Theatre and took the pigs batons/ Wut tosses one to me as I fall back CRACK now the hotas head smacked and he lies flat/ Picture the screaming and chaotic crowd as we beat the cops down with their own weapons now/ Hota teeth flyin/ Little kids cryin/ Dirts choking cops with his dreadlocks and they dyin/ Everythings going good/ As Wut busts out the Kenpo cuts they get foot/ in the backside- thats right now we winnin this fight/ tonight- these crooked suckas had to pay the price

Wut Verse2: You ever seen the pupils of a man/ who just lost his life in a fight bare hand? Its like the sound of the sea when they calm/ or the feel of disease that I cure with my palm/ Battles over/ many men slain/ Two cops hop off the next train/ Shots ring/ automatic weapons/ We escape in the tunnels- but Dirt gets clipped

Noiz Verse2: Dirts bleedin/ Hes hurt real bad/ He wants me to make a video of it for his fans/ but nows not the time/ We runnin and duckin like we committed a crime/ Hota in pursuit/ The nurses at the hospital booth/ take Dirt and put him on a breathing tube/ Hes the don/ we all gather round his bed/ A solemn moment then we vow revenge

Wut Verse3: A dark night/ you hear boots/ on the sidewalk a man loots/ another man at the end of a gun pressed deep in his back so theres nowhere to run/ It was I/ robbed by a cop/ In these streets the corrupt are on top/ Little does he know this was my plan/ a quick shift and Im breaking his hand/ Tables turn/ pistol in his neck/ Give me the information or face death/ He said/ I got a family I dont want to die/ So I got the information and pistol whipped him in the eye

Noiz Verse3: A the same time/ in a dark favela/ the Brazilian ghetto among the cardboard dwellers/ A gang leader/ more of a Robin Hood type/ slept next to his artillery sight/ A great light then filled up the room/ The leader woke up/ he must have thought he was doomed/ A celestial figure stood in front of his bed/ folded up his heavenly wing span and said/ I am the arch angel Michael sent/ to give you a message because the LORDs upset/ He doesnt like the way the hotas treated his sons/ So join up your forces and give em your guns

Wut Verse4: En a favela/ we discussed the mission/ and the leader explained us the vision/ Father God we were bought with a price/ so let us fight like the lion of Christ/ Some wept as they came to the LORD/ others packed shells, mac10s, and C4/ Dirt asked/ Will their chief escape?/ Naw, cause I left a gift under his brakes/ Justice comes with the turn of a key/ None escape/ all face eternity/ There was a silence as we packed the cars/ Peace in our hearts cause the vitorys ours

Noiz Verse4: Like this/ it was the Locust Crew/ United with the poor and the broken too/ Uzis, pistols, knifes, and grenades/ as we storm the stronghold of the Hota raids/ I kicked in the door and opened fire/ blood spurted/ it hit my face and attire/ I shot the secretary/ I shot the judge/ Wut was shooting cops left and right with a shotgun/ Theatre was hanging from a chandelier/ with a chain gun blastin/ it hurt my ears/ The chief of the Hota slipped out the back/ He thought he got the best of these hip hop cats/ got in his car/ thought he was home free/ but had a little surprise when he turned the key


from Lay Down the Law, released August 24, 2010
The Brasilian Connection (full version feat. Emcee Noiz)
Written by: Wut Metaphysical and Emcee Noiz
Beat Production: Wut Metaphysical
Recording Engineer: Matthew Goodman for A. I. Music
Mastering Engineer: Tim Gennert at Prairie Sun Recording
Scratches: DJ Idull



all rights reserved


Wut Metaphysical

Wut Metaphysical’s style of music is defined as hip-hop by the broad sense of the term, but with a shadowy, rock twist. Reviews have noted the eclectic and lyrical nature of Wut’s creations... A review at hip-hop magazine Sphere of Hip Hop explains, “Wut is a genius when it comes to lyricism. His stories and concepts are amazing and insanely thought provoking.” ... more

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