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Drastic Verse: All Im sayin is if I aint stayin busy/ Im probably playin in satans playground prayin God forgive me/ I yall feel me when I say its hard to still be/ righteous in the heart of the city/ amongst filthy lifeless/ that dont live life but lust for the spotlight/ just like vipers/ slidin sideways before they strike/ Im like please try to bite us/ thats only motivation see we real writers/ Im tired of holding patient/ I aint paceing back and forth/ calmly waitin on yours/ Im concentrating all my energy/ contemplating war/ All my enemies and all my adversaries will fall/ My whole family gonna eat/ I carry um all/ With no question/ Lord just show me the direction/ He said keep your eyes going, keep stepping/ I aint slept in a week/ Rep the mission to the death of me/ Till I breathe the last breath in me/ Leave this earth to search out my destiny/ Blessed to be/ one of the chosen flowin steadily/ supernatural kinetic energy/ Bout to get open like a doorway/ Dude if you hear me comin down your hallway you best move/ I leave you confused/ sittin in the middle of a four way/ intersection all day/ yall say/ my rhymes are complex when Im flexin on the challenger/ pass me Excalibur/ I decapitate his mind

Wordsmith Verse: Picture a life loaded with gun traps/ rubber band money stacks/ cutting grams of the crack/ man the hood is your home/ the dealers are your bothers/ Pops keep pimpin your mother made you a hustler/ You were sellin and dealin the rocks for your pops/ Sleepin on a dirty block/ choosin track for a cot/ Had enough of this life/ so go and close the doors/ Never go headin back home/ lets go and see the Lord/ Start going to church/ its such a safe place/ People say you sellin out/ So now they wanna hate/ You was learning that Word but still sellin drugs/ Hard for you to balance the boat/ Which one is real love?/ Kid you takin on fate/ Dont want to save face/ Do you wanna be safe or always on that chase/ Its the good and the bad/ which one they dont remember/ Either hope or the dope/ you got a new dilemma

Wut Metaphysical Verse: I write every lyric like I'ma never regret it/ not label indebted- naw- no radio edit/ what you hear is what you get but from the get you never get it/ Sleep on my style? (Go-on ahead) I got the message in-bedded/ Without love- I know I just resound a gong/ I tried to write a positive song, but a lot of ish wrong is making me cautious/ HIP HOP - cause there's no such thing as rock that's conscious/ Isms and schisms want me in bondage- like a sadomasochist/ Think I'm a pacifist? I'll pass a fist back like an activist/ Smash and twist- snakes and scorpions/ in faith for the sake of the widows and orphans I pray (help them Lord God)/ I'm tatted up like a map so I can find my way back if I get lost or trapped/ In the city where the pathways are wide and broad/ and the broads spread wide ways to serve false gods/ It's all entropy- but naw, it enter me not/ I'm spirit filled by His will and the scriptures He taught/ Natural mystic, ballistics- the battle is hot/ Shots blast, wiz past, shells scatter the lot/ “Whatever doesn't make you stronger, kills you” I heard a man say/ I shook my head and thanked Jah the world doesn't have me/ Not sinless but we do sin less, spiritual living/ If I stumble in the walk I'm already beforgiven


from Lay Down the Law, released August 24, 2010
Written by: Wut Metaphysical, Drastic of Remnant, and Wordsmith
Beat Production: Wut Metaphysical and Shaun B. (Pinnacle Rhythms)
Melody Sample: Cast the Sky
Recording Engineer: Matthew Goodman for A. I. Music
Mastering Engineer: Tim Gennert at Prairie Sun Recording
Scratches: Codak



all rights reserved


Wut Metaphysical

Wut Metaphysical’s style of music is defined as hip-hop by the broad sense of the term, but with a shadowy, rock twist. Reviews have noted the eclectic and lyrical nature of Wut’s creations... A review at hip-hop magazine Sphere of Hip Hop explains, “Wut is a genius when it comes to lyricism. His stories and concepts are amazing and insanely thought provoking.” ... more

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