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(feat. Prefekt and Calmplex)


Prefekt Verse: To all my mothers out there who made the right decision/ gave the gift of life/ made it life worth livin/ Yall is the reason that Prefekt is breathin/ Calm called me and said lets celebrate these women/ Amongst all adversity/ When does the option to choose life become a courtesy?/ When does the object inside become a person b?/ I fervently worship mercy hurriedly fer the worst of these/ First person to be worse than me/ cast the first stone/ Life celebrated universally/ Perfectly birthed/ In unison we grow/ Even when times is roughest/ babies growing in stomachs/ World tells us we can snuff it if we just cant cut it/ Thank you for the ones that was strong enough to tough it/ Came through for their sons when the father wasnt trusted/ My ladies thats abandoned and couldnt quite handle/ Made a bad decision cause ya life was in shambles/ Dismantled by your family and told it was a gamble/ Couldnt quite provide the right life for little Samuel/ Took the walk to the clinic and when you got in it/ told the doctor to finish what you thought was a misfit/ Theres grace for you to/ I earnestly believe that God has your children in heaven just waitin for you/ Peace

Chorus: Theres a dove in the sky and a seed in the ground/ Fertalize the clouds/ make the rain come down/ A blessing from the Father/ were believing Him now/ Pour out a petition for the unborn child

Wut Metaphysical Verse: See the doc told mom I wouldnt have a heartbeat/ but Isaiah 54 said no weapon can harm me/ Instead of born dead/ disfigured- gnarly/ I busted out the womb with an angel army/ Twenty some years later and I grew in knowledge/ The first in my family to graduate college/ And now Im teaching all the youth/ how to write and read/ and seek out the truth/ You wanna see proof?/ The proofs in the pudding/ the puddings in the belly of the baby that your cooing/ the babys in the family/ the familys all in love/ and love is just a synonym for Jah who is above/ So if youre feelin rotten for the trouble you have got in/ remember every member deserves to be begotten/ The night-times hard but youll smile a lot when/ the daylight shines and the grinds forgotten


Calmplex Verse: I want to celebrate life/ elevate life/ Dont want to delegate life just because its out of sight/ I dont really wanna be the one up in your face/ rather I wanna inspire love and see your kiddys face/ Momma slow down the pace/ don?t let drama lead to haste/ Your daughters gonna wanna hug you every day/ Your son is gonna wanna play and stare into your eyes/ Maybe daddys gone but you still get the prize/ Let this trial make you stronger/ you got something to live for- someone to win for/ you couldnt get more blessed/ Watch this whole mess evaporate/ when you first see your baby and your cares fly away/ I want you to be proud of your decision/ no regrets just the joy of your little one whose livin/ Learning to listen- playin- laughin/ lovin you- growin and knowin that youre there/ knowin that you care and you never ever leave um/ You?ve been givin a precious gift/ youll want them breathin


from Lay Down the Law, released August 24, 2010
Inheritance (feat. Prefekt and Calmplex)
Written by: Wut Metaphysical, Prefekt, and Calmplex
Beat Production: Calmplex
Recording Engineer: Justin Rosander at JSM Studios
Mastering Engineer: Tim Gennert at Prairie Sun Recording



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Wut Metaphysical

Wut Metaphysical’s style of music is defined as hip-hop by the broad sense of the term, but with a shadowy, rock twist. Reviews have noted the eclectic and lyrical nature of Wut’s creations... A review at hip-hop magazine Sphere of Hip Hop explains, “Wut is a genius when it comes to lyricism. His stories and concepts are amazing and insanely thought provoking.” ... more

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