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(feat. Emcee Noiz)


Wut Metaphysical: Laid back/ in a slate black ball cap/ bill flat in your city cause we like that/ So how you like that?/ Forever skater with the flavor of a stright mack
Emcee Noiz: Eight track/ take you way back- no lack/ of dope styles profiles were cold at/ So how you like that?/ I know youre feelin the beat/ the Wut Meta, the N-O-I-Z

Emcee Noiz Verse: Mic check/ were on some high tech rhyme specs/ I expect your next step to make your mind guess/ Right now youre my guests/ so just sit back and chill/ nod your head to the beat, no need to be still/ Its the N-O the I to the Z/ going public on the track when I battle my enemies/ Travel heavily/ the full expanse of the globe/ no fitteds catch me rockin a tan with the bill low/ Take the pill bro/ the one the makes you ill/ Fulfilled with a wicked skill/ scope by on my kill/ Kickin back with the hommies to fellowship/ phonies come up on my radar like blips but still I wont trip/ Were in the party/ the place to be/ pace set to run the race to the 10th degree/ Blessed, by the Father with the will to wreck it/ they call me Noiz but Im nasty on the track so check it


Wut Metaphysical Verse: Pass the mic/ call me the jaws of life/ cause Im gnawin up your cars and bars alike/ Take my advice/ you bore like termite/ How can you flow gold if your soul is pyrite/ Rims- they help the blind to have sight/ Chains- theyre for bikes, closed gates, and crime types/ and the only grille we bout is called/ MIDWEST SMOKE OUT BARBEQUIN BLOW OUT/ Cops showed up late/ up in the show me state/ sho nuff we bombed a whole freight/ Show me your b-boy freeze/ Show me tattoo sleeves/ Show me your tag too- burnin up the whole street/ In Costa Rica they say Pura Vida/ Brazil- Sengue Bom is the slang but still/ rappers of the whack sort/ thinking that we cash short/ cant understand all the stamps in our passport/ Let me explain why they dont press X when I express my mind frame/ I make it quite plain/ Im a Jah flaggin/ pants saggin/ original rudeboy takin aim at the dragon/ and the mentally simple/ Battle me? Huh/ and youre a ment-to-be cripple/ I rip like even gravity had to be rippled/ Metaphysical- more vicious than a Sex Pistol



from Lay Down the Law, released August 24, 2010
8-Track (feat. Emcee Noiz)
Written by: Wut Metaphysical and Emcee Noiz
Beat Production: Calmplex
Recording Engineer: Matthew Goodman for A. I. Music
Mastering Engineer: Tim Gennert at Prairie Sun Recording
Scratches: DJ Kurieuo



all rights reserved


Wut Metaphysical

Wut Metaphysical’s style of music is defined as hip-hop by the broad sense of the term, but with a shadowy, rock twist. Reviews have noted the eclectic and lyrical nature of Wut’s creations... A review at hip-hop magazine Sphere of Hip Hop explains, “Wut is a genius when it comes to lyricism. His stories and concepts are amazing and insanely thought provoking.” ... more

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