Lay Down the Law

by Wut Metaphysical

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released August 24, 2010



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Wut Metaphysical

Wut Metaphysical’s style of music is defined as hip-hop by the broad sense of the term, but with a shadowy, rock twist. Reviews have noted the eclectic and lyrical nature of Wut’s creations... A review at hip-hop magazine Sphere of Hip Hop explains, “Wut is a genius when it comes to lyricism. His stories and concepts are amazing and insanely thought provoking.” ... more

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Track Name: Lay Down the Law
Chorus: Dying- the world is/ but Im still living not trying/ doin- strength by the Spirit of the Lion/ Fightin- never backing down from the violent/ We keep our eyes to Zion

Verse1: Blessed is the man who walks not in the counsel of wicked/ stands with or sits down to kick it/ But delights in the law of the LORD/ and meditates on it like a temple floor/ And like a tree planted by the shore of a stream/ he yields fruit and will not conform/ all prospering- never witherin/ when the snakes are slitherin time to lay down the law


Verse2: Think again Pagan/ I-n-I strengthen/ Seek Jah guidance/ When I silently waken I see/ Mighty armies and they rise against me/ Im a Joel 2 locust so subsequently they could not dent me/ best watch who you represent g/ last days/ the world is ending/ Many grow cold they were just pretending/ Never back down/ Doom impending I still lay down the law

Chorus and Chant
Track Name: Five Pointed Palm Exploding Heart Technique

Both: Let me guess
Wut Metaphysical: Youre cash money richer than me
Both: Let me guess
Theory Hazit: You got ice in your wrists and your teeth
Both: Let me guess
Wut Metaphysical: Youre the hardest of hard/ youre the most thugged out on the boulevard
Both: Let me guess
Theory Hazit: Your guns are much bigger than Puns
Both: Let me guess
Wut Metaphysical: Your crews wearin Air Force Ones
Both: Let me guess
Theory Hazit: You sell more drugs than a pharmacy/ cook that- flip that- plus you a Grammy nominee

Theory Hazit: Rhymin over Pinnacle Rhythms I spit sit like dis/ now how many emcees must get ripped?/ In front of the judge they like uhhh/ I dont want trouble/ Seriously, Im sick of these publicity stunt doubles/ Yo, these ring tone rappers wont last/ Its not platinum plaques/ its plaque behind the platinum grill- hows that?/ Thank you God for giving me strength/ and a billion other blessings with money I cant get/ Much respect to the cash getters/ that take care of family, pay bills, and aint concerned with stackin figures/ Even though were all sacrilegious/ I rap against it- but when I hear your joint I straight up laugh and dis it/ Its me and Wut so What now?/ Still serving them BLAOW/ and they posin like its going out of style- Now/ we got you figured all out/ you must want to fall out/ before attempting walking tall you need to learn to crawl now

Wut Metaphysical: Hmmm- so put on the gee and spar now/ five pointed palm plus a mic to the heart POW/ Glammor rappers wanna ascertain my know-how/ I chew um in the Loui and I spit um out in Nor-Cal/ (Youve got mail) Awwe snap/ now you wanna collab?/ Well leave a message, Im on the beach in Busan/ Eatin Kimchi- Korean surfers with me/ We all agree that your lyrical flow is flimsy/ I spike your punch lines kid/ you couldnt imagine/ So you can keep your mixtape and your neighborhood braggin/ Were world wide- next level- your choked- overdosin/ Confused like I kickflipped your corpus collosum/ and bruised/ your cerebral in the microphone flexin/ so you can meet me in the plains when we astroprojectin/ Its end times/ if you a killa/ you should have studies the scriptures/ instead of siftin through pages/ and skimmin all of the pictures.

Track Name: 8 Track
Wut Metaphysical: Laid back/ in a slate black ball cap/ bill flat in your city cause we like that/ So how you like that?/ Forever skater with the flavor of a stright mack
Emcee Noiz: Eight track/ take you way back- no lack/ of dope styles profiles were cold at/ So how you like that?/ I know youre feelin the beat/ the Wut Meta, the N-O-I-Z

Emcee Noiz Verse: Mic check/ were on some high tech rhyme specs/ I expect your next step to make your mind guess/ Right now youre my guests/ so just sit back and chill/ nod your head to the beat, no need to be still/ Its the N-O the I to the Z/ going public on the track when I battle my enemies/ Travel heavily/ the full expanse of the globe/ no fitteds catch me rockin a tan with the bill low/ Take the pill bro/ the one the makes you ill/ Fulfilled with a wicked skill/ scope by on my kill/ Kickin back with the hommies to fellowship/ phonies come up on my radar like blips but still I wont trip/ Were in the party/ the place to be/ pace set to run the race to the 10th degree/ Blessed, by the Father with the will to wreck it/ they call me Noiz but Im nasty on the track so check it


Wut Metaphysical Verse: Pass the mic/ call me the jaws of life/ cause Im gnawin up your cars and bars alike/ Take my advice/ you bore like termite/ How can you flow gold if your soul is pyrite/ Rims- they help the blind to have sight/ Chains- theyre for bikes, closed gates, and crime types/ and the only grille we bout is called/ MIDWEST SMOKE OUT BARBEQUIN BLOW OUT/ Cops showed up late/ up in the show me state/ sho nuff we bombed a whole freight/ Show me your b-boy freeze/ Show me tattoo sleeves/ Show me your tag too- burnin up the whole street/ In Costa Rica they say Pura Vida/ Brazil- Sengue Bom is the slang but still/ rappers of the whack sort/ thinking that we cash short/ cant understand all the stamps in our passport/ Let me explain why they dont press X when I express my mind frame/ I make it quite plain/ Im a Jah flaggin/ pants saggin/ original rudeboy takin aim at the dragon/ and the mentally simple/ Battle me? Huh/ and youre a ment-to-be cripple/ I rip like even gravity had to be rippled/ Metaphysical- more vicious than a Sex Pistol

Track Name: Let the Beast Know

Wut Metaphysical: What up you Babylonians?
Both: Youre living in Babylon, supporting that Babylon
Jen: Cant you see your place? Oh, cant you see your place?

Chorus: When we ride through Babylon, we roll those windows down/ Got to let the Beast know how we flow that original sound

Verse1: When the income comes in the outcome comes out/ all you glamour rappers really suck and I doubt/ you could even clench a fist to this/ catch the gist of it/ name two of four of hip-hops own elements/ Relevance lacking/ lyrically whackin/ back trackin/ Mr. Rogers- Land of Make Believe rappin/ Track collapsin/ eyebrow waxin/ inbred songs with only your cousin clappin/ Rappers are fickle/ claim to be the hardest but you lyrically tickle/ I cut sicker than a sickle/ So let me count you what the cost is/ Theres only two types of emcee- conscious and unconscious/ I wash my hands like Pontius/ Of the lost biz Im nauseous/ a soft kiss/ to your burlap slur trap/ reverse that/ make you take your backwards word back/ Over-rated gangster- guess your OG/ If youre underground Im upside down in Fiji/ Remember me and every word that I said/ aint none of you hoods can rap over my head


Verse2: Lion in the cipher/ Jezebel reppin hell/ well I might knife her/ Whose tight/ you fresh?/ Im a slight riper/ Type to smite any Babylonian mic fighter/ Gang drama/ kid we aint even the same genre/ rippin raps in half like I was a plain comma/ We meet up on the street/ bring the boom baps/ Pen is my pistol and my lyrics is ALL CAPS/ In the chambers of the Most High/ two- three- draw cousin/ I make your ghost fly/ So why rely on chrome wheels and steel guns?/ Fake gold teeth guess I knocked out the real ones/ Sifty sand style/ My flow is concrete/ Keep my feet to straight path although I come across street/ With more hardcore than an underground punk/ Shadow-Lo kiddo/ this aint no fake gangster junk

Track Name: Inheritance
Prefekt Verse: To all my mothers out there who made the right decision/ gave the gift of life/ made it life worth livin/ Yall is the reason that Prefekt is breathin/ Calm called me and said lets celebrate these women/ Amongst all adversity/ When does the option to choose life become a courtesy?/ When does the object inside become a person b?/ I fervently worship mercy hurriedly fer the worst of these/ First person to be worse than me/ cast the first stone/ Life celebrated universally/ Perfectly birthed/ In unison we grow/ Even when times is roughest/ babies growing in stomachs/ World tells us we can snuff it if we just cant cut it/ Thank you for the ones that was strong enough to tough it/ Came through for their sons when the father wasnt trusted/ My ladies thats abandoned and couldnt quite handle/ Made a bad decision cause ya life was in shambles/ Dismantled by your family and told it was a gamble/ Couldnt quite provide the right life for little Samuel/ Took the walk to the clinic and when you got in it/ told the doctor to finish what you thought was a misfit/ Theres grace for you to/ I earnestly believe that God has your children in heaven just waitin for you/ Peace

Chorus: Theres a dove in the sky and a seed in the ground/ Fertalize the clouds/ make the rain come down/ A blessing from the Father/ were believing Him now/ Pour out a petition for the unborn child

Wut Metaphysical Verse: See the doc told mom I wouldnt have a heartbeat/ but Isaiah 54 said no weapon can harm me/ Instead of born dead/ disfigured- gnarly/ I busted out the womb with an angel army/ Twenty some years later and I grew in knowledge/ The first in my family to graduate college/ And now Im teaching all the youth/ how to write and read/ and seek out the truth/ You wanna see proof?/ The proofs in the pudding/ the puddings in the belly of the baby that your cooing/ the babys in the family/ the familys all in love/ and love is just a synonym for Jah who is above/ So if youre feelin rotten for the trouble you have got in/ remember every member deserves to be begotten/ The night-times hard but youll smile a lot when/ the daylight shines and the grinds forgotten


Calmplex Verse: I want to celebrate life/ elevate life/ Dont want to delegate life just because its out of sight/ I dont really wanna be the one up in your face/ rather I wanna inspire love and see your kiddys face/ Momma slow down the pace/ don?t let drama lead to haste/ Your daughters gonna wanna hug you every day/ Your son is gonna wanna play and stare into your eyes/ Maybe daddys gone but you still get the prize/ Let this trial make you stronger/ you got something to live for- someone to win for/ you couldnt get more blessed/ Watch this whole mess evaporate/ when you first see your baby and your cares fly away/ I want you to be proud of your decision/ no regrets just the joy of your little one whose livin/ Learning to listen- playin- laughin/ lovin you- growin and knowin that youre there/ knowin that you care and you never ever leave um/ You?ve been givin a precious gift/ youll want them breathin
Track Name: Neighborhood Take Back
Verse1: Friday night bout 9 o clock/ up in the apartment with the windows locked/ nostalgic just to kick the block/ remembering when the kids used to up rock/ and beat box- fellowship was hot/ but Hate, Fear, and Greed came and cleared the lot/ Lust changed the girls into something theyre not/ The boys not dealing were afraid of gettin shot/ Corruption mayor- he took care of the cops/ so Evil and Control could continue slingin rocks/ Depression prevents them ever trying to stop/ Doubt shouts out YEA NOW WHERES YOUR GOD?/ Then it came to me- Jah cant be mocked/ If Im goin down Im going down in gun shots/ Got on my knees- called up the flock/ Yo meet me at the docks- bring the bats and glocks

Chorus: Neighborhood take back/ BACK/ Time to load up the scrolls and unroll the gats/ Neighborhood take back/ BACK/ Jah guidance in defiance of the wack/

Interlude: Look, yall remember what the Rabbi said. If you?re ashamed of him before men hes going to be ashamed of you before the Father. He didnt come to bring peace but to bring war. He said our enemies would be of our own homes and neighborhood. He said he who finds his own life will lose it but he who loses his life for his sake will find it. So, if you afraid, go now.

Verse2: Spread out/ We first found doubt/ hangin by the school where the young jewels sprout/ Faith took a bat and straight knocked him out/ Knowledge made the snuff/ Said Believe that now/ Got a call from Peace/ saw Violence downtown/ killin unborn babies and pushin ladies around/ I was like Did you take a sucka down?/ Naw, he saw love and just melted to the ground/ Just then Lust busts in/ high on his lies and his degradation/ He stabbed Hope/ it was about then when/ Self Control and Justice broke both his shins/ Snipe attack it was Control from the back/ sayin DONT MOVE but without Violence he lacked/ Started runnin cause I knew he was spineless/ So I killed him with Kindness/ Whats this/ up rises justice/ He says take Corruption and Greed off the hit list/ Blood was still drippin off his fists/ He killed them blind folded in a court room twist/ Joy killed depression/ the neighborhood cheered/ The report came back Faith was greater than Fear/ The people came out cause it passed ear to ear/ Evil ran into Love and just disappeared

Track Name: Mystique
Drastic Verse: All Im sayin is if I aint stayin busy/ Im probably playin in satans playground prayin God forgive me/ I yall feel me when I say its hard to still be/ righteous in the heart of the city/ amongst filthy lifeless/ that dont live life but lust for the spotlight/ just like vipers/ slidin sideways before they strike/ Im like please try to bite us/ thats only motivation see we real writers/ Im tired of holding patient/ I aint paceing back and forth/ calmly waitin on yours/ Im concentrating all my energy/ contemplating war/ All my enemies and all my adversaries will fall/ My whole family gonna eat/ I carry um all/ With no question/ Lord just show me the direction/ He said keep your eyes going, keep stepping/ I aint slept in a week/ Rep the mission to the death of me/ Till I breathe the last breath in me/ Leave this earth to search out my destiny/ Blessed to be/ one of the chosen flowin steadily/ supernatural kinetic energy/ Bout to get open like a doorway/ Dude if you hear me comin down your hallway you best move/ I leave you confused/ sittin in the middle of a four way/ intersection all day/ yall say/ my rhymes are complex when Im flexin on the challenger/ pass me Excalibur/ I decapitate his mind

Wordsmith Verse: Picture a life loaded with gun traps/ rubber band money stacks/ cutting grams of the crack/ man the hood is your home/ the dealers are your bothers/ Pops keep pimpin your mother made you a hustler/ You were sellin and dealin the rocks for your pops/ Sleepin on a dirty block/ choosin track for a cot/ Had enough of this life/ so go and close the doors/ Never go headin back home/ lets go and see the Lord/ Start going to church/ its such a safe place/ People say you sellin out/ So now they wanna hate/ You was learning that Word but still sellin drugs/ Hard for you to balance the boat/ Which one is real love?/ Kid you takin on fate/ Dont want to save face/ Do you wanna be safe or always on that chase/ Its the good and the bad/ which one they dont remember/ Either hope or the dope/ you got a new dilemma

Wut Metaphysical Verse: I write every lyric like I'ma never regret it/ not label indebted- naw- no radio edit/ what you hear is what you get but from the get you never get it/ Sleep on my style? (Go-on ahead) I got the message in-bedded/ Without love- I know I just resound a gong/ I tried to write a positive song, but a lot of ish wrong is making me cautious/ HIP HOP - cause there's no such thing as rock that's conscious/ Isms and schisms want me in bondage- like a sadomasochist/ Think I'm a pacifist? I'll pass a fist back like an activist/ Smash and twist- snakes and scorpions/ in faith for the sake of the widows and orphans I pray (help them Lord God)/ I'm tatted up like a map so I can find my way back if I get lost or trapped/ In the city where the pathways are wide and broad/ and the broads spread wide ways to serve false gods/ It's all entropy- but naw, it enter me not/ I'm spirit filled by His will and the scriptures He taught/ Natural mystic, ballistics- the battle is hot/ Shots blast, wiz past, shells scatter the lot/ “Whatever doesn't make you stronger, kills you” I heard a man say/ I shook my head and thanked Jah the world doesn't have me/ Not sinless but we do sin less, spiritual living/ If I stumble in the walk I'm already beforgiven
Track Name: The Brasilian Connection (Full Version)
Godfather: My sons, Emcee Noiz and Wut Metaphysical,
Wut and Noiz: Yes Godfather
Godfather: Many men died in Brasil. Now that the war is over and there is once again peace in the family, it is time to tell the story of the Brasilian connection.

Wut Verse1: Sabado en a churrascaria/ Que hora son?/ Medeo dia/ Me, Dirt, Theatre at the scene/ sippin Guarana like two or three liter/ Cell rings and I took it
Noiz: Yo its Noiz and some Hota lookin crooked
Wut: We on our way / Where you at?/ We comin soon
Noiz: Im at the Metro Lina Azul

Wut: We ducked out/ tossed some reals on the able/ Hope Noiz dont get jacked like free cable/ to the subway the crew ran/ I was nervous cause I never killed a man/ Dez minutos we roll on the scene/ We were four/ They were thirteen/ They never seen us coming from the back/ Heed the warning as the Locusts attack

Noiz Verse1: Too many bonitas- gatas on the subway/ Liberdade/ Hotas all around me/ This could be my last stand/ understand/ these Brazilian cops are corrupt/ they gonna take my life man/ Here come Wut and Dirt from behind/ with Theatre and took the pigs batons/ Wut tosses one to me as I fall back CRACK now the hotas head smacked and he lies flat/ Picture the screaming and chaotic crowd as we beat the cops down with their own weapons now/ Hota teeth flyin/ Little kids cryin/ Dirts choking cops with his dreadlocks and they dyin/ Everythings going good/ As Wut busts out the Kenpo cuts they get foot/ in the backside- thats right now we winnin this fight/ tonight- these crooked suckas had to pay the price

Wut Verse2: You ever seen the pupils of a man/ who just lost his life in a fight bare hand? Its like the sound of the sea when they calm/ or the feel of disease that I cure with my palm/ Battles over/ many men slain/ Two cops hop off the next train/ Shots ring/ automatic weapons/ We escape in the tunnels- but Dirt gets clipped

Noiz Verse2: Dirts bleedin/ Hes hurt real bad/ He wants me to make a video of it for his fans/ but nows not the time/ We runnin and duckin like we committed a crime/ Hota in pursuit/ The nurses at the hospital booth/ take Dirt and put him on a breathing tube/ Hes the don/ we all gather round his bed/ A solemn moment then we vow revenge

Wut Verse3: A dark night/ you hear boots/ on the sidewalk a man loots/ another man at the end of a gun pressed deep in his back so theres nowhere to run/ It was I/ robbed by a cop/ In these streets the corrupt are on top/ Little does he know this was my plan/ a quick shift and Im breaking his hand/ Tables turn/ pistol in his neck/ Give me the information or face death/ He said/ I got a family I dont want to die/ So I got the information and pistol whipped him in the eye

Noiz Verse3: A the same time/ in a dark favela/ the Brazilian ghetto among the cardboard dwellers/ A gang leader/ more of a Robin Hood type/ slept next to his artillery sight/ A great light then filled up the room/ The leader woke up/ he must have thought he was doomed/ A celestial figure stood in front of his bed/ folded up his heavenly wing span and said/ I am the arch angel Michael sent/ to give you a message because the LORDs upset/ He doesnt like the way the hotas treated his sons/ So join up your forces and give em your guns

Wut Verse4: En a favela/ we discussed the mission/ and the leader explained us the vision/ Father God we were bought with a price/ so let us fight like the lion of Christ/ Some wept as they came to the LORD/ others packed shells, mac10s, and C4/ Dirt asked/ Will their chief escape?/ Naw, cause I left a gift under his brakes/ Justice comes with the turn of a key/ None escape/ all face eternity/ There was a silence as we packed the cars/ Peace in our hearts cause the vitorys ours

Noiz Verse4: Like this/ it was the Locust Crew/ United with the poor and the broken too/ Uzis, pistols, knifes, and grenades/ as we storm the stronghold of the Hota raids/ I kicked in the door and opened fire/ blood spurted/ it hit my face and attire/ I shot the secretary/ I shot the judge/ Wut was shooting cops left and right with a shotgun/ Theatre was hanging from a chandelier/ with a chain gun blastin/ it hurt my ears/ The chief of the Hota slipped out the back/ He thought he got the best of these hip hop cats/ got in his car/ thought he was home free/ but had a little surprise when he turned the key
Track Name: Meta Man Chant
Testimonies by Sonny Sandoval, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Mosab Hassan Yousef, and Brian "Head" Welch